Stefani brings Christmas spirit to life

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Stefani brings Christmas spirit to life

Gwen Stefani's holiday album is a refreshing way to get your fill of Christmas music.

Gwen Stefani's holiday album is a refreshing way to get your fill of Christmas music.

IMAGE / Autumn Prescott

Gwen Stefani's holiday album is a refreshing way to get your fill of Christmas music.

IMAGE / Autumn Prescott

IMAGE / Autumn Prescott

Gwen Stefani's holiday album is a refreshing way to get your fill of Christmas music.

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Gwen Stefani has been a staple in pop music since the early to mid ’90s. With her unique vocals and song writing talent, she has been releasing hits for over two decades.

Her latest album, “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” is a medley of fun holiday music to get you ready for Christmas Day.

“Jingle Bells”

The opening track on this soundtrack perfectly sums up the album’s spirit. Stefani took a classic song and put her own twist on it, which makes the song refreshing.

The background vocals and instruments add a depth to the tune that makes you want to get up and dance.

With its easy-to-follow beat, the track feels light and happy, which is exactly how Christmas should be.

“Let it Snow”

Stefani stays true to the slower tempo and lyrics, making it easily recognizable.

The song doesn’t stand out compared to the album’s other songs, but it’s nowhere near disappointing.

It’s short, sweet, and to the point. It’s the perfect song to embrace the cold winter weather in December.

“My Gift is You”

The third song on the album is actually an original, written by Justin Tranter, Busbee, and Stefani herself.

The song rejects the materialistic nature that’s easy to fall into during the gift-giving holiday.

With unique lyrics, the song reminds listeners of the love that is supposed to surround the holiday.

“Silent Night”

This is not one of the best songs on the album.

It’s not the worst rendition of the tune, but it just doesn’t stand out among the other tracks.

Upon listening to the album, this is one I would prefer to skip in turn for the other, more up-beat classics.

“When I Was A Little Girl”

Wishing for romance is a feeling everyone has known.

With the lyrics of the original track exploring the lifetime hope for love, it’s easy to feel emotional while listening. The song has a catchy beat and easy-to-remember lyrics.

It has a great emotional range, switching from sadness to joy, to heartbreak and defeat.

“Last Christmas”

Before listening to the song, I knew it would have to be excellent to compare with the 1984 Wham! original.

The song isn’t only good, but is just as remarkable as its predecessor.

Stefani doesn’t stray from the recognizable lyrics or tune, yet it still feels new.

“You Make it Feel Like Christmas” 

The title track featuring Stefani’s love interest Blake Shelton is the best song on the album.

As soon as it’s turned on, the song prompts listeners to sing along.

Stefani and Shelton’s voices blend beautifully together, which was pleasantly surprising. It’s silly and adorable, and makes it easy to see how their love transcends through the radio waves.

“Under the Christmas Lights”

The song is very similar to “My Gift is You.”

Spending Christmas with a loved one is an on-going theme throughout the album, but the song is still catchy and easy to dance to.

The lyrics aren’t remarkable, but the song itself is a quick little tune that will get you in the winter spirit, if not the actual Christmas spirit.

“Santa Baby”

This song was another bold choice, having already been made popular by Eartha Kitt in the ’50s.

Hearing this track for the first time is actually what prompted me to buy the album.

It’s similar to the original, with slight tweaks to add a unique tone. Stefani stuck with the original jazz feel and the track is one of the best renditions I have heard.

“White Christmas”

Stefani’s version of the hit “White Christmas” adds to the charm of the original, which has been remade countless times.

She stuck to the original template of the song, and it’s a beautiful performance of the song that’s as memorable as the holiday itself.

“Never Kissed Anyone With Blue Eyes”

Feelings of gratitude is the underlying message of this track.

The song express thankfulness for the ability to have romance around the holidays. It’s presumably written about Blake Shelton, who Stefani has been in a relationship with since November 2015.

It’s a sweet song with simple yet enjoyable lyrics.

“Christmas Eve”

The sad tone and slow pace of this track is beautiful.

Deep lyrics including, “Don’t know how I got where I am hurting so much, I need healing,” is a different take on the usually upbeat Christmas vibe, but it’s still a great song with a touching message.

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