Mario hits theaters


The Super Mario Movie

On April 5th, 2023 The Super Mario Bros. the movie came out.

It was popular with audiences for being a simple story filled with fun visuals.

Freshman Jordan Enriquez comments on the movie.

“It was funny, the animation was great. The story was okay,” said Enriquez.

The story of the movie is not profound, but it is not boring.

It follows the beats of a typical family-friendly movie.

Mario and Luigi want to follow their dreams of being plumbers, but their family doesn’t believe in it, so, they go out to prove they can be good plumbers.

Before they are able to they get transported to the Mushroom Kingdom through a magic sewer-pipe. Three days of hi-jinks and bonding ensue.

The characters and animation was the main focus of the movie.

Freshman Janiya Powell thought it was entertaining.

“My favorite part was toad because he was voiced well!” said Powell.

A lot of people think the movie catered way to much to fans.

Junior Bryson Glass thought it was overall average.

“[The movie] felt like it was rushed. One thing I did like how the world around them was built,” stated Glass.

Although not everyone liked it, it is obvious that a lot of work was put into it.

Some of the voice actors did a great job at giving life to their characters and all of the animators did a great job at making every character move in a unique, “cartoony” way.

It is not the most profound or amazing movie, but it is a wonderful movie that will absolutely lead to many sequels.