A Large Tour for A Large Fandom


IMAGE / rawpixel.com

Taylor Swift on tour.

Taylor Swift is a national star.

She has gained millions of fans from her relatable music and her sweet personality.

Swift not only has fans nationwide but she has fans who are students at KHS.

March 17, was the beginning of The Eras Tour, Taylor Swift is going around the country performing at 52 shows.

The Eras Tour consists of songs from all of Swift’s eras and Swift dresses according to the eras during her concerts.

Sophomore, Molly O’bryan talks about her favorite things about Swift and her favorite outfits from the tour.

“Taylor is just so humble and she writes her own songs. Some of my favorite outfits are the ‘Reputation,’ Enchanted,’ and the ‘Midnights.’ I could literally talk about every single outfit right now,” O’bryan beams.

Out of all the amazing songs Taylor Swift has made it’s hard to choose a favorite, but Sophomore, Lydia Jones, was able to pick out 3 of her songs that stand out.

“My top three favorite songs are ‘I Wish You Would,’ ‘My Tears Ricochet,’ and ‘Style,‘ and my favorite outfit would have to be her ‘Speak Now’ dress,” Jones explains.

Sophomore, Gracie Root also states what her favorite Taylor Swift song is.

“My favorite would have to be ‘Enchanted’ because everything about it is amazing, and my favorite album would be ‘Midnights,'” Root remarks.

Fans are excited to see how Taylor Swift performs in The Eras Tour.