The Santa Clauses hits TV screens


The Clauses

In 1994 the movie The Santa Clause was released to theaters. This movie is about a man named Scott Calvin becoming the new Santa Clause after the old one disintegrates. It became a classic with audiences and two sequels were made after.

Now in 2022 there is a new limited series on Disney+ about Scott searching for someone new to be Santa called The Santa Clauses.

Two of the six episodes premiered on Nov. 16, 2022, and there are mixed feelings among critics and audiences.

The first episode opens up with a family being graced with Santa’s magic as he decorates their entire living room in the matter of a few seconds. We are shown that Santa’s list of kids to give presents to gets shorter every year, and that the belief in him among them is dwindling.

Next we are shown his wife and children, who are much older now. The son, Cal, is a teen who enjoys video games and the daughter, Sandra, is friends with the creatures in the North Pole.

When Santa comes back to the North Pole, it is also shown that Santa’s powers are beginning to fade, and that he isn’t enjoying Christmas activities like he used to.

A year passes, and Santa is once again out delivering presents to the world. He arrives at the house of a businessman who is doing an interview with a clearly disappointed news anchor. After the interview ends, he goes outside and sees Santa flying away with his reindeer. He gets the idea to replicate his magic.

At the next house Santa’s powers weaken once again and he falls off the roof into the snow. The episode ends here.

This is a very good first episode that sets up the characters we will learn more about, and new conflicts that will happen in future episodes.

There have been mixed reactions to the premiere of the show, so I asked students who have watched the movies before if they would watch this based on the released episodes.

Senior Kendall Welch was first to answer.

“I would watch this show because I have enjoyed all of the other The Santa Clause movies,” stated Welch.

Junior Kevin Hamden also wanted to comment on his willingness to watch:

“I would watch it because the story line sounds interesting, and the movies are a must watch,” noted Hamden.

Freshman Rigoberto Martinez replied:

“Yes, I would watch it because I watched all the The Santa Clause movies and I really enjoyed them,” said Martinez.

Sophomore Shirley Briggs also thought she’d tune in.

“I would watch the new series! I want to see who would get the new role as Santa Clause,” Shirley expressed.

I am sure with Tim Allen and the magic of Disney, The Santa Clause series will be a classic that folks of all ages will enjoy.