Wendell and Wild


Wendell and Wild is a stop-motion animated movie on Netflix. Netflix describes it as “Two scheming demons strike a deal with a punk rock-loving teen so they can leave the Underworld and live out their dreams in the Land of the Living.”

The movie’s pacing is very fast.

It is a must to watch it twice to truly appreciate and understand it; there are also many montages, which I don’t usually like, but in this I enjoyed it because it used songs that aren’t popular pop songs. The design and animation also helped my opinion of it greatly, they are absolutely stunning.

There are many characters being introduced throughout the first twenty minutes of the movie.

The story is about Kat and her two personal demons, Wendell and Wild.

The movie starts with Kat being traumatized by her parents dying, and builds up a facade that pushes away anyone else from getting close to her.

When she turns 13, she is sent to a girls’ catholic school in the same town where her parents died. Upon arriving she is greeted by three preppy girls, Siobhan, Sweetie, and Sloane, and is given her uniform.

On her first day she is electrocuted by something in the teacher’s desk, and it leaves a mark that resembles a skull mouth and nose.

Later, Wendell and Wild contact her through a dream and ask that she summons them to her world.

After this we are introduced to the two villains, the Kalxons. They are pompous, wealthy people who are supporting the school. When the principal of the school, Father Bests, threatens them when they decide they don’t want to support the school anymore, they kill him.

The next day Kat is at the graveyard to summon Wendell and Wild. She summons them, but they appear in a different part of the graveyard where they can’t find her.

Wendell and Wild find Father Bests corpse and resurrect him. They then decide to go to the Klaxons where they promise to pay money to have more people resurrected. The Klaxons also make a rule that they can only resurrect the people they want.

When Kat finds Wendell and Wild, she is obviously upset and confused. They still say they’ll keep their promise to resurrect her parents, knowing they actually won’t, and have her swear to be their servant.

After Kat leaves Wendell and Wild, her friend Raul sneaks to the graveyard and resurrects Kat’s parents himself.

This is when the pacing of the movie picks up drastically as they try to fit in a lot of plot and character development into the last 30 minutes of the movie. Even though it felt like it was rushing, I enjoyed it very much.

In the end, the Klaxons plans are stopped and the town of Rust Bank begins to heal. Along with Kat, who is starting to heal from her trauma.

I asked people what they thought of the movie based on the description that Netflix has for it.

Freshman Janaye Richardson told me that they might tune in.

“I would watch it because I like adventure movies, and it seems cool,” Richardson said.

Sophomore David Cronenvhet had a similar opinion.

“I feel like I would watch it because it looks fun,” Cronevhet said.

Sophomore Trent Zemore thought differently.

“I wouldn’t watch it because it doesn’t seem like something I would personally like,” Zemore said.

Wendell and Wild is a movie that you should give a chance, even if it doesn’t seem like something you’d like.