Perfect 300 on the clock


IMAGE / David Fairman

Ava Boggs is preparing herself to get ready to bowl.

Getting a perfect 300 when you are bowling is definitely a challenge.

To reach a 300 you have to get twelve strikes in a row, which is from the first nine frames and three extra in the tenth frame.

Having the right skill to do this is not easy at all, you have to bowl perfectly twelve times, which calls for no mistakes.

One mistake and you just missed every bowler’s goal.

One of our very own girls on the Varsity Bowling team has managed to reach every bowler’s goal in their bowling career as a junior in high school.

Ava Boggs explains what was going through her head while being on the twelth and final frame.

“I kept freezing up and there were a lot of people behind, which made me feel the pressure. The only thing going through my head was oh my gosh! And I just kept drinking water to try to keep calm,” exclaims Boggs.

Boggs talks about her feelings when she realized she hit the perfect 300 score in bowling.

“I knew right away once the ball left my hand that I hit 300. The first thing I did was turn around and was shocked and the thought going through my head was oh my gosh that just happened,” vocalized Boggs.

At the end of the day, Boggs is beyond proud of herself for this amazing accomplishment that she has passed in her high school life.