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The Eclipse

The student news site of Kearsley High School in Flint, Michigan

The Eclipse

The student news site of Kearsley High School in Flint, Michigan

The Eclipse

Making History


New season new us. The basketball boys had a great run with a history making season. 

Darki Neely was the leader in scoring points for your Kearsley Hornets with Lucas Grouxl, Donovan Harrington, and Dylan Ruhstfor right behind him.

This year’s record of 19 wins beats the most wins in a season at Kearsley.

Mr. Harrington states he is a big help on the team.  He continued, “I believe I play an important role ,like bringing the physical to the game, I make everyone around us tougher, I set the tone. If I need to set a pick, then I do what’s needed.”

 Each player brings a great tribute to this team with new players and returning ones. The boys have worked so hard this season to really bring back the Kearsley boys basketball program.

Ruhstorfer has nailed his threes this season knocking the defense into Ruhstorfer’s own world. Kearsley’s intensity is brought up each game giving the boys many shots and opportunities for great plays. 

Ruhstorfor states, “I contributed the spacing of floor, which in return lets my teammates score! I also contributed good defensively. Over the season I’ve been doing better in the second half than the first. Our team is good at communication and I hope we came prepared to every game the whole time.”

When being a strongly bonded and talented team, and having a great coaching system, it really helps make the sport fun, and easy to get into a winning spirit.

This team contributes to many close seniors who bring talent and great efforts to this sport of competitive play. These goodbyes are coming up fast with great hope to extend their season from wins.

The boys have brought great success this season with a record of 19 wins and 7 losses. 

These boys and coaches played hard and won the first round of districts and played districts round two with a great win. 

Districts round 2 they played their hearts out not wanting this season to be over just yet.  The score ended up being super close at halftime and your Hornet boys came out with a big win of 88 points.

The fans wished this boy’s program a great season and the best of luck at regionals in their making history era.  Unfortunately, the boys did not win at regionals, but they still had a history making season and hope to continue that momentum next year!  Congratulations boys on your spectacular season!


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