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The Eclipse

The Upset: Junior Takeover

IMAGE / Sent by Logan Saiko
The Junior girls after their big win!

Every year during homecoming week, Kearsley High School girls in all grades come together to make teams for Powder Puff, which is flag football. Each team does around two practices with a lead teacher and football players as their coaches. Freshmen vs Juniors was the first game and then Sophomores vs Seniors was the second. Both happened on Tuesday night. On the Wednesday of homecoming week, the two winners of those games play against each other for the championship, during an assembly, outside on the field.

The juniors brought their A-game as they faced off against the freshman defeating them in a 32-0 game.

Junior, Jasmine Wiswell started the team off with a strong lead scoring a junior touchdown in the first half. 

Wisewell excitedly explained, “this is my first ever touchdown and it was exciting and it contributed to the big win over the freshman.” Wisewell continued, “watch out ’cause we’re gonna win it all again next year.”

The juniors spent time before the game with a pregame practice running through many plays. The juniors had some magnificent plays including the wrong ball trick. This turned out to be an unexpected touchdown from junior Liliana Garza. This play was such a good trick, no one expected it. I mean no one. 

Garza played a great game with great leadership skills. “We really focused on defense because we didn’t get scored on at all both games and on offense we ran the ball a lot and that usually worked cause our team is really fast and we had some good pass plays to gain yards,” Garza stated. She then continued, “were going back to back with wins.”

The freshmen gave it their all, but fell short. These girls came in strong, but didn’t realize what they were actually facing.

Freshman, Amaya Johnson was a big part of this team giving everything she had to help gain yards and help try to take down the juniors in an aggressive game.

Johnson stated, “it was really fun helping carry my team and I didn’t expect to be this kind of leader my first year at Kearsley.”

Freshmen Miranda Russell and Molly Gaudard were on fire. These girls were the duo that dominated the game from pulling flags to running the ball. They knew what they were doing.

Molly stated, “the juniors played really aggressive, but it was still fun and I was looking forward to it coming to the high school.”

Being a freshman you get to experience so much more than you do in middle school and this is just one of the many fun things. Many freshmen hope for a better outcome next year! Extra activities like this help bring each grade together while having fun. This is the first exciting event that happens before the finale of the homecoming game. 

On Tuesday, October 3rd, around 7:30 at night, the sophomore vs senior game began.

Two touchdowns were scored during this game by seniors, Ava Boggs and Emma Fessler, with senior, Maraya Dell kicking both of the touchdowns’ two-point conversions.

Reporters asked Fessler how she felt about scoring a touchdown during the first game. She said, “I felt pretty good to get us some points, and to be able to contribute like that.” Fessler scored the second and last touchdown of the game that night.

With the help of their blockers, both girls were able to have a smooth path to the end zone.

Dell expressed, “I don’t really remember much. I knew I could make it so I just tried not to mess up and took my time because they couldn’t pressure the kick.”

You can tell she has practiced. Her kicks were beautiful, maybe it’s all the soccer she plays. Her kicks helped put her team in the right position for a competitive win.

On Wednesday, October 4th, around 1:20, the championship game was on! Juniors vs seniors.

Senior, Bre’asia Lee, one of the top flag pullers, played hard during the game. “I’m a very competitive person so I’m always ready to work for a win. It felt great to help out my team to the best of my abilities and doing what I did best.”

Seniors did not score during the championship game, and only one touchdown was scored by junior, Liliana Garza.

Garza scored this touchdown and the two-point conversion. Garza told reporters junior, Bailey Burton helped block the seniors for her to score.

In the last twenty seconds of the game, Dell was just about to score a touchdown for the seniors, but time ran out, and the juniors won the game!

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