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The Eclipse

The student news site of Kearsley High School in Flint, Michigan

The Eclipse

The student news site of Kearsley High School in Flint, Michigan

The Eclipse

A Run for Fun

The Varsity Cross County team is lined up for a picture at Weston Elementary after finishing the run around the parking lot.

Homecoming is always a stressful week with all the different activities that are going on with the sports.

When people think about homecoming the first thing that comes to mind is probably school spirit and football. But there are plenty of other things that go on during the week. One of these activities is the cross country run.

Our very own Boys and Girls Varsity Cross Country Teams run from school to school, starting at Weston Elementary all the way to Kearsley High School, with the game ball being used later in the homecoming football game.

Junior Margarita Martinez told reporters why she loves participating in the cross country run during homecoming, “in just two years, it has become an important part of bringing our community closer. When us cross country runners run from school to school, we want the kids to not only see how important the homecoming game is, but to also enjoy it and themselves. If we can all, not just the runners, but everyone, get the kids to have fun, I think that’s the most important part. As the ‘leaders’ of our community, we have to include the kids in activities. It is absolutely my favorite part to high five and yell with all the kids. Hyping them up is so much fun!”

The students attending each school, other than the high school, usually go outside on the sidewalk to support the runners on their journey. However, this year the Varsity Football Team and Varsity Cheerleading Squad went and visited each elementary school where they hosted assemblies. With this happening, not all the students were allowed to go outside.

One class of Weston Wonders went outside to see the runners and gave them high fives to show their support as they ran around the loop in the parking lot.

When they went to run at Fielder Elementary, some students were at recess.

The students lined up along the fence as the athletes ran along the fence and gave each and every one of the kids a high five.

The cross country runners ran around the path that is on the outskirts of the playground. Some of the Fielder Falcons tagged along with the runners to which all the kids got excited as they came to the end.

A few of the classes at Armstrong Middle School were able to get some time outside to support their fellow hornets.

Senior, Thomas Gustafson speaks on what it means to him and his teammates when it comes to getting the younger Kearsley Students involved in the homecoming festivities.

“I mean of course it feels amazing. One of the ultimate goals of doing the ball run for homecoming is to attract some of the younger kids to running, so seeing them so excited for us means the world,” vocalized Gustafson.

Towards the conclusion of the school day, a pep assembly is held for the entire student body of the high school.

The first thing that happens at this assembly is with the cross country team. They run into the gym with the game ball and do a couple of laps around the gym and finish their jog at the center of the basketball court. This is where the three football team captains meet them to exchange the game ball.

Friday is the most stressful day of the week, however, this is one of the fun activities that goes on to make the day more fun and to show lots of school spirit.

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