Students’ favorite Halloween traditions


Halloween has existed for 2,000 years. In those 2,000 years many people have adopted it into their cultures and have made different traditions for it. Some people have their own personal traditions for the holiday.

People usually spend the night with their friends and family; there are many different activities to do with the groups of people you are close with.

“I spend time with my friends buying candy,” senior Raul Carranza says.

“And I watch horror movies with them after,” continued Carranza.

Pumpkins are also important to most Halloween traditions. “I like to carve pumpkins, and make pumpkin pies with my family,” senior Cole Crowder answers.

There are also people who plan on going to pumpkin orchards together, instead of getting one from a store.

“I’m going to meet up with more of my family and get some pumpkins to carve,” junior Liberty Cronenuhet explained to me.

Some people’s traditions don’t have to involve the scary side of Halloween.

In my own family, my dad used to celebrate it with his siblings by going to their grandma’s house and eating together. We now celebrate at different family members houses and eat cooked food while we’re there.

There are many different ways to spend this holiday, and all of them are great ways to enjoy time with others, or yourself.