KHS’s Favorite Books


IMAGE / Isabelle Devine

What are you reading?

Words can mean a lot more to someone than you would think, some people think reading isn’t fun while others enjoy it.

Authors use different ways to connect to their readers on a relatable or emotional level, using the characters, language, settings, and more to connect the reader to the story.

Authors also use interesting plots to make the reader interested. Some books aren’t relatable at all, but the plot is interesting so the reader will continue to read.

Freshman, Reese Hinman, talks about a book she really enjoys.

“My favorite book is The Perks of being a Wallflower, the character in it is really relatable and I just like the way its set up. I like how the story goes and how its played out,” Hinman notes.

Many people enjoy reading books from the same authors and genres because they like how the writing is. While others venture out and discover new authors and genres.

Freshman, Vanessa Hood, shares what her favorite book is.

“I really like the book It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. The book has a good message and the conflict is very interesting. I learned a lot from the story line,” Hood exclaims.

It can be hard for someone to choose what their favorite book is. Especially if they read a lot of books.

Freshman, Nevaeh Pierce, also shares what her favorite book is.

“[My favorite book] is A Dog’s Purpose, I like dogs and I like reading about the story,” Pierce remarks.

Readers will cherish those words for a long time because they were important to them!