The Beauty of Nature


The Beauty in Nature

“Nature employs the mind without fatigue and yet enlivens it. Tranquilizes it and enlivens it. And thus, through the influences of the mind over body, gives the effect of refreshing rest and reinvigoration to the whole system,” said Frederick Law Olmsted, the 19th century architect of many great American parks.

Nature is full of endless beauty that goes beyond the human eye; words do it no justice.

It holds many words and stories from those who once walked through its beauty.

Where do you go to tell nature your stories?

Sophomore, Emily Callahan talks about her favorite place to enjoy her time in nature.

“I could walk and sit to enjoy nature for hours. It’s best when it is a calm, sunny day. My favorite place to enjoy a nice walk is this small area that’s about 5 minutes away from my house. The area is called Kelly Lake. There’s this hill near the entrance where, from the top of it, you can see a pond where the geese live, along with various sizes of trees and bushes that move with the wind, and just outside of it you can see a highway with the faint sound of the cars. At the moment of sitting there on the bench at the top of the hill, that is the only place where I feel my thoughts are calm,” calmly stated Callahan.

Nature always finds a way to bring beauty into your life when you least expect it.

Senior, Kaitlyn Radeback encountered a surprise after traveling through a not so nice view while on one of her walks.

“What I enjoy most about nature is that it allows me to connect with the earths natural beauty. My favorite memory of going for a walk was when I was walking through muddy trails and suddenly arrived at a sunny field of dandelions,” exclaimed Radeback.

Nature is most appreciated by one’s self.

Senior Maxx Baker explains what they like about nature.

“When I go on walks the thing that I look most forward to is getting away from people. I try to take in the time that I can when I am alone because with constantly having to be surrounded by people like being at work, band and school. I never feel like I get time to actually enjoy time to myself,” vocalized Baker.

Enjoying nature in solidarity gives the mind time to find peace within itself.

Junior Chloe Wirsing shares with us her favorite place to go when she wants to go on a walk.

“I really like to go to this park in Davison near the school. I like to walk down the long trail they have that really nobody goes on because there’s usually a lot of kids there and they stay on the playground. My favorite memory there was when I found a long board there with my friends and I started attempting to ride it,” claimed Wirsing.

It seems as though nature surrounds us in our everyday life, so take time to enjoy what is around you.