Seniors splitting up: U of M vs. MSU


U of M vs. MSU

Kearsley’s seniors have been together since the very beginning.

They began their journey 12 years ago in kindergarten, now they will be venturing off into the world, this means lots of these students will not see each other again or for a very long time.

These seniors will be going to colleges all around the world, yet most will remain in Michigan.

Some of these students will become rivals, one of the biggest rivals is going to be Michigan colleges vs. Michigan State colleges.

Senior, Britney Siegrist, has plans to attend U of M Flint, this is one of the few Michigan universities, and U of M Flint is one of the smaller universities out of the few.

“I picked Michigan because they have a good nursing program, and I’m most excited to be able to be independent and on my own,” Siegrist expressed.

Siegrist mentioned that she is a Michigan State fan and when asked how she feels about going to Michigan as a Michigan State fan, she stated, “It’s a love, hate relationship.”

Another student attending a Michigan university is senior, Elia Garcia, she is attending Michigan Ann Arbor. Garcia was asked what her major was, as well as if she was excited she said;

“I’m going to per-sure clinical psychology and I’m really excited to meet knew people and live on my own,” Garcia exclaimed.

Senior, Allyson Palka is also attending Michigan Ann Arbor.

Palka received the HAIL scholarship which provides her with a four year guarantee of free tuition and fees.

Reporters asked Palka what her major is going to be and if she was excited, Palka exclaimed, “I’m currently undecided on a major. I got this scholarship by working very hard in school and spending a lot of time on my application. I am very excited,” exclaimed Palka.

On the other hand, some students will be attending Michigan State University.

These students also worked very hard to get into this school.

One of the students is senior, Thomas Brewer-Brown, the reporters asked Brown an assortment of questions including things like what major is he going into, if he’s excited, and how he felt when he got accepted into his dream college.

“I was very excited, I actually got wait listed for 6 months so I finally found out and I was super excited about it. I’m going for agricultural education. I’m most excited for the different experiences I’ll haveĀ  verses being at the high school, like going to the college football games and the all the student interactions,” Brewer stated.

Randy Paris is another student going to Michigan State University, he was asked what he is going to study and what he is most excited for.

“I’m going for business and I’m most excited for all the new experiences I’m going to have,” Paris told reporters.

All these students have very bright and full futures ahead of them. Even though all the seniors at KHS are splitting up, they will still always be known as the class of 2023!