Building the community up


There are two new fast food places that are in the Kearsley District that are called Savvy Sliders and Happy’s Pizza.

The address to these restaurants is 4474 Richfield Road.

They are combined in one building and are located off of Richfield Road near Weston Elementary School.

It’s obvious what they sell at these places: sliders and pizza!

The sliders are small overall, but they are a bigger slider than normal.

Senior Conner Schwerin speaks on how he thought about the new food places that are in town.

“I was hearing different opinions about the two places so I decided to go and it wasn’t all that bad in my opinion, but I would definitely choose another place to eat because it is pricey,” states Schwerin.

The pizza at Happy’s Pizza is just pizza, there is nothing special.

One of our very own staff members, sophomore, Maison Mannor, works at Savvy Sliders and he talks about the experience.

“It was very busy. There were a lot of online orders that were coming through and lots of people in the drive thru which made it very stressful,” vocalized Mannor.

Everyone should go support these two new businesses that are in the Kearsley Community!