Getting Better Together


Sarah Chambers at the game

The time to prepare is on a crunch.

A group of girls from our own Kearsley High School will soon be put together from each class to see what they can do with information about a sport the majority haven’t played before.

This group of girls with different personality’s will be put to the test to see if they can succeed with this challenge.

The seniors went against the sophomores and the juniors went against the freshmen.

Senior Kennedy Streeter had a few words to say about the preparation of this event.

Streeter explained the process of putting together an event like this, and the stressful things that they have to go through to make powder puff fun and enjoyable for all players who participate.

“I don’t know, I think homecoming week is stressful in general, the most stressful thing was that we printed 800 shirts for most of them to get messed up,” Streeter declared.

Senior Torri Griffith is participating in powder puff and was also a big part of making this event possible for people to find something to do outside their comfort zone and to try something new if they hadn’t in their previous years at KHS.

Griffith had a surprising statement to add to the subject of this event being stressful.

“Things can get really out of control, really fast. Not everything’s perfect so you can like mess stuff up,” stated Griffith.

The staff members are a big part of putting this event together. It’s great that we have some staff willing to teach students who have most likely have not played this game before.

Science teacher, Jared Noel, was one of the staff members who volunteered for this position. His goal was to get the freshmen team prepared to go up against the juniors.

With the short time span, it’s hard to prepare before the games. Going over the plays and getting the players comfortable with their suited positions is a lot to learn in such a short amount of time.

“Its hard in the sense that some girls aren’t really used to football, but its fun, its not super serious,” Noel remarked.

The positives that come out of a time crunch are that it pushes the girls to learn the sport faster and work harder in order to win.

Another staff member who was also a big part of coaching was Jason Titsworth. He explained what he needs to work on with his team (freshmen) to help them improve for the games between classes.

“I think its just understanding the game a little bit better, like I said, they did pick up pretty quick on the things I asked them to do the other day, which was very encouraging,” bubbled Titsworth.

These games are an enjoyable thing to look forward to in the start of the school year, as well as a exciting way to kick off Homecoming.