Harry Styles new album

Fans have been eagerly waiting for almost two and a half years for Harry Styles to finally release another album.

His last album “Fine line” had fans going insane, but I think his newest album “Harry’s House” has blown it out of the water.

Of course, we’ll never get the nostalgia of his first album “Harry Styles,” which came out back in 2017. Although with his new song “Matilda,” we are close to it.

Here at Kearsley High School, Harry Styles fans fill the halls many students this morning have already been raving about how good it is.

Sophomore Celestina Asensio’s favorite songs on the album are “Matilda” and “Satellite.”

“ I was sitting in second hour listening to ‘Matilda’ on repeat. It’s so good I’m going to cry to it in my car after work tonight.” said Asensio.

Another sophomore, Sophie Hall, loves the song “Grapejuice.”

“The beat of the song is so uplifting and it kind of reminds me of the Indie pop music genre,” said Hall.

Junior Raul Carranza states the album is amazing but will never compare to “Harry Styles.”

“The songs are good, my favorite is ‘Daylight’ I can already see it being a song of the summer. But I don’t think he’ll ever create anything as good as his first album,” says Carranza. 

Freshman Lula White loves everything about the whole album; she says it’s his best one yet.

“I can’t even choose my favorite song because I literally love every single one of them,” said White.

Freshman, Josh Johnson stated his favorite song is “As it was.”

“I heard the song on Tik Tok a few weeks ago and it still hasn’t gotten out of my head since I’ve listened to it. It’s such a good song,” said Johnson.

Harry’s House is an amazing album and many students can agree that it was definitely worth the wait.