Boys bowlers finish among top eight in the state


IMAGE / Stephanie Lane

The boys bowling team was eliminated in the quarterfinal of the MHSAA Division 2 team final Friday, March 1.

While the boys bowling team was dominant at its regional competition, the Hornets did not perform as well at the MHSAA Division 2 team final on Friday, March 1, even though they were respectable.

The Hornets placed as the fourth seed for the elimination rounds, but Metro League foe Owosso played spoiler to their state title aspirations, defeating the Hornets in the quarterfinals by 76 pins.

The team had three Baker games in the qualifying round of more than 200 pins, including its highest score of 266 in the sixth game.

After the individual games were tallied and added to the Hornets’ score, the team’s final pinfall rested at 3,363.

In the elimination rounds, Owosso stung the Hornets by a 1,312-1,230 score in the quarterfinal round.

Owosso was knocked out by New Boston Huron in the next round by more than 150 pins.

Junior Ethan Burke feels the team was too focused on victory to compete well.

“It’s really weird because I feel like we totally had the capability, but we couldn’t perform under the pressure we set for ourselves,” Burke said.

IMAGE / Stephanie Lane
Senior Devin Smith locks eyes on his ball as it glides down the lane in the MHSAA Division 2 team final on Friday, March 1.

Senior Kyle Langworthy competed in the singles final, placing 21st overall with a pinfall of 1,146.

The single event was Saturday, March 2.

His first game was a 218, his highest of the singles tournament.

He averaged a 191 for all six games.

Langworthy did not make the cut for elimination play, but he was still proud of his performance and the fact that he even competed at the event.

“I think that I did well,” Langworthy said. “I just played my game and whatever happened was going to be the result.”

High hopes are set for the future of the team, with talented bowlers in Burke and freshman Gage Slagor still in the system.

IMAGE / Stephanie Lane
Senior Kyle Langworthy throws a ball down the lane in the MHSAA Division 2 individual final on Saturday, March 2. He placed 21st in the event.

With confidence in his team’s future, Langworthy feels his teammates will be able to perform well next season.

“I think they’ll be prepared after this year,” Langworthy said. “I think they’ll be ready for a run next year.”

Burke is focused on the team’s future.

“Next year I just have to lead the young guys and the returning guys into things head first, just to make sure we can perform in those (stressful) conditions,” Burke said.

Passing on leadership of the team, Langworthy has simple advice for the team’s future stars.

“Just practice and don’t give up too early,” Langworthy said. “You’re going to face struggles but keep going.”