How To Make Soup with Patrick Zamora


My mom is one of the best cooks around!

So, I decided to cook her famous Green Bean Soup with her and write down how to do so.

First, we started by grabbing a giant crock pot and loaded up 1/2 cup of minced garlic as well as a few swirls of olive oil and half an onion.

Stir until the onion is a good golden brown, and then add celery hearts.

After peeling, slice up 3 carrots and put them in the pot, add water into the pot and bring it to a boil.

Once everything is soft, grab a large can of stewed tomatoes and mash them so they are soft and then add them to the soup.

After cutting up 3/4 of a cabbage head and zucchini, put them into the pot to cook along with as many green beans as you want.

Last but not least we added tomato paste which makes the soup richer.

For more seasoning, we put salt and pepper and some Italian seasoning and added a large chicken broth container into the soup.

I’ve never had this soup before, but it was really simple to make, it took my mother and I around 20 minutes to prep.

Even though it doesn’t take long to prep, cooking it it takes longer.

Just wait for everything in there to be soft and then if it is too thick you can also add in a little bit more water while cooking.

Also, if you switch out the chicken broth, you can have a vegetarian soup!