The Hornets Prepare For A Big Game


IMAGE / Kim Spears

The 2022-2023 girls Varsity basketball season is coming to an end.

On February 27, Districts will be held at KHS for girls basketball.

Which will mark the last games for the girls team.

The girls have formed special bonds with each other and are sad to see the season ending.

These bonds are helping the team prepare for districts.

The team has been preparing for districts and has done so in many different ways.

Freshman, Kylie Miron, talks about what the team is doing to prepare.

“We get in a lot of practice. We watch a bunch of film and run a lot of plays. I think we’re going to win. I work on my shooting a lot outside of practice,” Miron states.

A lot of practice is needed to prepare for any game, so the girls have to be motivated and work hard to be prepared for districts.

The girls are very thankful for the time they had and feel like they have improved since the beginning of the season.

Coach, Traci Jankins, shares her insight on the team’s preparation.

“Well we have played Flushing twice this year so we know who they have and what they do. The team will watch film of the games and then we have practice on Friday and Sunday. We will also have a team dinner Monday night before the game,” Jankins mentioned.

All season has been leading up to these games and all practices have.

Freshman, Lily Weidman, provides ways she independently and as a team is preparing for districts.

“[We prepare] by lots of practice, workouts and drills. I think we’re ready and that we’ve been preparing for a long time. I think we’re going to do good,” Weidman exclaims.

The team is excited to participate and hold districts, the girls hope to end the season with a win.