Nate The Great: Kearsley’s New Athletic Trainer


Nathan is the new athletic trainer here at KHS and he has been a big hit with the students. He started just this year, but has been working as an athletic trainer for a couple of years at his college and other schools.

Some students had some good things to say about him. ” We always go into his room and talk to him and annoy him a lot,” says a group of girls in front of his office.

Nathan is a great athletic trainer who is hard working and determined to make sure everyone gets the care they need. He works with all players in each sport, and even hits the road with teams when they go to away games.

“He is a hard worker who is really funny and is a good athletic trainer, maybe even the best we have had in a while, he seems to really connect with the students and enjoys spending time with them,” explains principal Mr. Wiskur.

He takes care of injuries and questions one might have about sports or other kinds of body aches. He is available almost all times of the school day and even stays after school for the sports.

“I really just want to be comfortable with the students so they have someone they can trust to talk to about sports and so they know they are safe when playing,” vocalized Nate.

He is planning to take care of Kearlsey’s athletes for many years to come.