A Water-Winter Wonderland


As the days get colder here at KHS, the winter activities are upon us.

Senior, Lindsey Geeck is fond of the simple things where she can relax and have some time to clear her mind.

“During the winter, I like to stay inside and watch Christmas movies even after Christmas. And snuggle up on the couch with hot chocolate,” shared Geeck.

Geeck noted that her favorite feeling she has in the wintertime is waking up to find out that there is a snow day and no school.

“When we have snow days, most of the time I end up hanging out with my friends and we end up going to do something fun or go to another person’s house,” commented Geeck.

For some students, they don’t just stay inside and relax all winter. Junior Daniel Sanson likes to stay active even when these cold times are occurring.

“I like to go sledding and snowboarding throughout the wintertime, but I always enjoy going inside to drink or eat something to warm me up after freezing my butt off,” stated Sanson.

Even when senior Elaina Drinkwine prefers the indoors rather than having to freeze outside, she does still favor the times she gets to spend with her family playing in the snow.

“I love the snow because I am able to build snowmen and have an absolute aggressive snowball fight that my family and I have,” explained Drinkwine.

During this time, the students aren’t the only ones having all of the fun in the snow.

Teacher, Ms. Knoll, went on about what thrills her the most about this winter season.

“My favorite thing to do in the winter is to actually spend time outside! I love the snow and being out in it. Just watching the snowflakes fall from the sky makes me filled with excitement,” declared Knoll.

Knoll also began explaining that one of the things she enjoys most is snacking on her favorite desserts and who she will be spending time with.

“I also enjoy the winter holidays and spending time with my family and friends. My favorite winter treats are frosted sugar cookies and hot cocoa!” Exclaimed Knoll.

Although teacher, Mr. Nester, mentioned that he does enjoy the warm summer days, he explains what he does so he can enjoy this season with family.

“I enjoy ice-fishing, plowing the driveway, and having an occasional snowball fight.  I am always itching for the humidity to come back and for spring to reveal itself so I can get back on the golf course,” beams Nester.

He continued with commenting that he savors the quality time that he gets to have with his kids and the meals he gets to share with them.

“Well, we are all outdoors people.  So, in the winter, being cooped up more often, we like to cook together and entertain friends with good food on the weekends. My children are getting good at their favorite dishes,” shared Nester.

All in all, no matter how cold or hot the weather is, you can always enjoy the moments you have with the people you care about.