The Hooping Lady Hornets are Buzzing Into the Season


IMAGE / VectorPortal

Starting the new season in 2022, the girls of KHS are swarming together to create a team.

On November 14, girls basketball tryouts happened. Since then, the girls have been preparing for the upcoming games.

The girls are determined to create a team that works well together. They are also focused on working to make themselves better. Before the season started, the girls went to open gyms to show their commitment to the team.

Freshman, Kylie Miron made the varsity team. She talks about what she has been doing to prepare for the season and how the team is doing.

“I’m really excited for the season. I think we’re going to win a lot. It’s going to be a really good team this year. [We’re getting prepared] by a lot of practice, doing a lot of drills, plays, and conditioning,” Miron vocalized.

The girls have come a long way since past seasons and are ready to play their best on the court.

Freshman, Grace Loessel, on the JV team explains how far the girls have come and how they got that far.

“I’m excited, I feel like we’re going to win games this season. Our team works well together this year compared to last year. We have practice every day except for Saturday and on Saturday we do cardio. We practice for two hours every single day,” Loessel notes.

Practices have been in session since summer. The girls have been regularly attending to get ready for the season. Both teams are ecstatic to be on the court.

Freshman, Nicole Naragon has been practicing over the past few months and is ready for the season.

The JV team is glad to have Naragon on their team.

“I’m excited to be on the court again and to be playing. We are practicing a lot and taking it seriously. We are creating good bonds with each other,” Naragon replied.

With the season starting, the girls are getting locked in and ready for their games. While they are creating special bonds with their teammates.

They hope to have a great season.