Timm wins, bowlers compete at state championship


IMAGE / Courtesy of Megan Timm

Junior Megan Timm poses after winning the MHSAA Division 2 individual state final.

Junior Megan Timm quenched first all-state for individual singles on Saturday, March 7.

After qualifying first in regional championship, Timm looked good for the state finals.

Junior Emilea Sturk, Allison Robbins, and Allison Eible placed third, fourth, and eighth at the regional championship, pushing them forward into the state finals.

Freshman Howie Hammond and Sophomore Gage Slagor placed second and eighth at the regional tournament as well.

When it came to the state championship, neither boys made it into match play, but Eible and Timm scraped through, qualifying twelfth and fifteenth.

Eible fell off earlier, but Timm clung on, pushing herself to win the state championship with the help of her coach, Mr. Rob Ploof.

“My Coach (Rob) just kept telling me to make my spares and that would give me a better chance at winning,” Timm said.

In her first round, she knocked off the defending state champion, moving into the final eight.

Soon enough, she was bowling for the state title, winning by a mere 21 pins.

Timm was surprised and overwhelmed with emotions.

“I was a mix of emotions,” Timm said. “I was excited for myself but sad that my team didn’t get the title the day before.”

Timm made the community proud, achieving what she wasn’t expecting.

She hopes she made her coach proud this season, as he is retiring this year.

“With Rob retiring this year, there was a lot of pressure to get the title,” Timm said.”I am very glad that I got the opportunity to earn his last state title. He has been an amazing coach and role model for me for the past few years.”