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Forwarding the Support

The Canamore’s gathering for a family photo.

Being able to have a strong support system gives you plenty of opportunities in life to grow as a person. The support from friends and family helps you confidently try new things. If the outcome is not what you expected, you can find comfort in the fact that they will be there and support you through it all.

With a strong support system around you from the people who love you the most when you are off the pitch, it drives you to be a supportive figure within your team.

Having someone in your life that is there for you and always has your best interest in their heart is a great thing. These two qualities are great for a person to have and are truly a gift to the people around them.

Junior, Taylor Canamore, has these two qualities which makes her such a great person off the soccer field and a great teammate on the field.

Canamore’s personal life is the most important thing to her. The encouragement that she gets from her family is a crucial aspect in making her a supportive figure among her teammates.

The support she gets from her family is something that she will always rely on. She always has the ability to go to her family who offer support and a helping hand.

Before Kearsley’s homecoming, Maria and Matt, posed with their two daughters, Kaylee and Taylor with recognition to their son, Chase, who is serving active duty in the United States Marine Corps.

Canamore’s brother, Chase, left for the Military in 2021. He is currently of Corporal Rank in the Marines.

With her brother in the Marines, it provides a unique situation opposed to other sibling relationships.

You don’t truly understand something, whether it’s big or small, until it is not at your fingertips. You may think a sibling relationship is insignificant when truly it is one of the greatest gifts in life.

One thing that bothers her a lot is when siblings jokingly talk about hating, or disliking, their brother or sister. From Canamore’s point of view, she doesn’t understand why they say that stuff because her brother isn’t around and she doesn’t see him everyday.

Her brother’s absence pushes her to do better and improve to the best of her ability while he is serving our country.

“One of the SoccerZone game’s I played in when he was home on leave, I tried to play better than I have before since he was in the stands watching.  Since he isn’t here to watch me play like anyone else, I try to make him proud by going above and beyond,” states Canamore.

All the talk of her brother being gone, made her reflect on fond memories.

“One day when my parents were gone, my brother and I were running around the house with hair spray and a lighter. We ended up setting the smoke alarm off. When my parents got home they were curious, but we told them that we burnt food in the oven,” verbalized Canamore.

When her brother had to leave, it left the family heartbroken, but brought them closer together.

With Canamore being the youngest sibling, the support she gets from everyone is a good feeling to her. It is always nice to know that you have people behind you every step of the way.

Canamore is close with all her immediate family members, however, it is difficult to be close with her brother since he is gone. This doesn’t take away the fact that he is supporting her from afar.

The constant wave of support she gets at home inspires her to be a leader on the pitch. She was raised to be this way so it’s a natural thing to do.

#10, Taylor Canamore, is taking the soccer ball up the field to get an opportunity to put the ball in the back of the net.

She wants to push her teammates to the best of their ability. She will help them fix their wrongs to rights whenever she notices them.

Canamore wants all of her teammates to succeed and will do all she can to make that happen.

Her greatest memory from soccer is probably one of her worst experiences, or even choices.

Canamore one day at lunch decided to try the Sprite Challenge. This challenge was to chug a sprite without burping. Not only did Camamore chug one Sprite, she did two.

She ended up throwing up the Sprite. To make everything worse, this was on a game day. This will always be a funny moment to everyone on the team who was there to experience it happening.

Canamore’s greatest achievement in soccer was both in her sophomore year of high school.

“I saved a goal while playing Linden at home, which was a big accomplishment for me as an outside back on the defending line. Another achievement is the away game against Corunna. I played really good for the whole game, everyone was congratulating me,” spoke Canamore.

Canamore is such a prominent leader and supportive figure within the soccer team because she truly has all of her teammates best interests at heart. She truly is a great soccer player and an even better person.

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