Society lacks empathy, leads to entitlement

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Society lacks empathy, leads to entitlement

Jenna Robinson

Jenna Robinson

Jenna Robinson

Jenna Robinson

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Generation Z is a strong-willed, passionate group of students who can be a great thing when applied in the right way;  however, students often show a lack of respect in their actions and spoken or written words.

Students often express themselves in the wrong manner. They use explicit language, talk down to adults, or damage property.

In school, I see this behavior often, and it’s both shocking and frustrating.

It seems to be a common mindset to expect something by doing nothing and putting in no effort.

This is an unhealthy way for students to grow up because if they live on their own they won’t be given this type of treatment that they’ve come to expect. Whether it be from their parents, society, or the media, this behavior shouldn’t be accepted.

A societal standard of how to act seems to have lowered, especially online.

On the internet, it’s easy to say something because you don’t have to face consequences for it — or if you do they are significantly less severe.

People rip other people apart with harsh comments and insults simply because they disagree with that person’s opinion. Instead of debating rationally, people are more apt to head straight for the nasty words.

I find this behavior immature and asinine.

Simple gestures are a rare sight in school now. Holding doors, using manners, giving genuine compliments, and taking responsibility have become known as something odd instead of being considered a social norm.

Students often expect things without working for them or for giving the person something in return. For example, I see students getting angry with teachers because they gave them a bad grade yet the student went straight to accusing rather than asking for help or how they can improve.

The world doesn’t owe you anything, so to live each day acting as if it does will be a sad life indeed.

Students should work harder, be more courteous, and always be kind.

Some fights break out over a minuscule argument or disagreement because students feel as if they have to be right and the opinion of another is wrong.

This close-mindedness is ruining relationships, creativity, and the feeling of togetherness in not only our school but in the community as a whole.

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