An open letter: My brother showed me the world from a new perspective

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An open letter: My brother showed me the world from a new perspective

Jenna Robinson

Jenna Robinson

Jenna Robinson

Jenna Robinson

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Dear Brother,

We have always been complete opposites.

You’re quiet and I am loud. You like math and I like art.

Regardless of all of our differences, I have learned so much from you.

You are so smart that you get perfect grades without trying. That pushes me to get good grades too, even if I have to work much harder for mine.

You have always dealt with things differently because you have Asperger’s Syndrome. Certain noises would bother you or certain sights or smells could instantly trigger a headache.

For the longest time it made me angry. We would have to leave places or quit events early, like when we went to make ginger bread houses but had to leave after you got a migraine.

After awhile, I knew it was stupid for me to be angry at you. I knew it wasn’t your fault.

So instead of being upset, I decided that we could help each other. You help me with a math problem, and I’ll help you interact with new friends.

Because of you I think it gave me a new understanding for people. I could talk to the loud outgoing kids because of myself, but I could have conversation and connect with the quiet kids, too. You helped me understand. You gave me a new perspective as to not always be quick to judge someone who isn’t exactly like me.

You allowed me to make friends I probably wouldn’t have otherwise had the guts to talk to.

I know that, like you, they aren’t showing me who they really are.

When I tell people about my hilarious brother who used to play trombone, partake in archery, excels academically, and goes out with his group of friends, they usually don’t believe me at first.

Most people see this shy, quiet boy who won’t come out of his shell.

But to me, I see this hilarious kid who has so much talent and potential.

You make me laugh more than anyone I know. It makes me sad that I’m the only one who gets the privilege to see that side of you.

Or how you are such a nerd for computers and video games. You’d teach me how to play all of your video games, even when I was really bad at them.

You’re at college now — at Kettering! I’m so proud of you!

I know it might be hard, living someplace new with hard classes and surrounded by hundreds of new people. But you’re doing it. You’re at college living on your own and that’s absolutely amazing.

You’re my big brother, so Mom and Dad have always told you to look out for me and protect me. Little did they know I was doing the same for you.

I know you feel alone sometimes or like people don’t understand. Please always know that I do, and I’ll always be here for you.

Whether it’s movie marathons, camping, playing video games, swimming, going out to lunch, or just hanging out, I love the time I spend with you.

So, big brother, keep in mind that as you’re looking out for me, I’ll always be looking out for you too.