Ava Boggs takes on States


IMAGE / Mr.Lillywhite

Ava Boggs in front of an enormous crowd of runners

Ava Boggs ran at the Cross Country Regionals on October, 29th. She ran very well and was able to earn her spot at States. She was very excited and gave it her all to achieve that goal.

The State meet was at the Michigan International Speedway. Boggs  talks about how excited she was to be there, but also had the jitters and how it was very nerve racking being with other people from many different schools.

“When we entered the racetrack area I was very nervous because the complex was so large that you just get nervous seeing everything and how it’s so much bigger and so much more important than every other cross country race,” Boggs details.

Sadly the weather conditions for the meet were not the best and it was a very windy race.

Despite that, everyone still tried their best and ran as best as they could to prove themselves.

“The weather wasn’t the best but just knowing that you had to push through it was the hardest part about the race,” Boggs explains.

Unfortunately, Boggs was not able to run her best and ran a 20:47. Only 47 seconds off of her goal to get 20 minutes or under.

She placed 120th place at States and ran a fierce race!