Love Is Blind Season Two has viewers on the edge of their seats


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Love is Blind season 2 is out on netflix today

Love is Blind is a show where people are put into “pods” and date other people (without seeing them first) to find if love can truly be blind.

Season 1 was filled with a lot of drama that kept viewers on the edge of their seats. Two couples ended the season of the show happily married.

The results from the first season proved that this experiment can really work and so they decided to make another season.

The second season debuted on Friday, Feb. 11th. New episodes were released on Netflix every week until the finale.

The second season includes contestants Natalie, Shayne, Shake, Danielle, Deepti, Iyanna, Jarrette, Kyle, Mallory, Nick, Salvador, and finally Shaina.

They are split by gender and then date in the pods. After their dates they return to their gender’s side.

This leads to a lot of tension because people could hear each other talking about the people that they like.

Although most people on the show respect other relationships, some people push the boundaries to create more drama and leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

Junior Sam Gunn watched the show on release every week.

“The show does a great job at getting you involved with every character, and the problems they encounter truly feel like they are your own and their wins feel like your wins.̈ Gunn said.

At the end of the dating stage it must end in a proposal. They must pop the question and some are rejected while some say yes and end up getting engaged.

As soon as they are engaged they are able to see each other for the first time in person. They finally get to see who they are getting married to.

After they meet for the first time the couples are sent to Mexico for their honeymoons. During these honeymoons they learn a lot about each other and can really figure out if they did the right thing. Someone in the second season ends up leaving their partner in Mexico alone.

After the honeymoons are over they end up going back to normal lives. They get to test to see if they are compatible in a real life situation and meet each other’s families.

The next few weeks that take place in the show is to test the relationship of the engaged couples. Although there are a lot of ups and downs some couples make it through to the next step.

By the time of the weddings five couples make it to the altar to make the ultimate choice. A lot of unexpected things happen at this stage- one of the couples got in a big fight the night before their wedding.

The show makes the viewers sit on the edge of their seats as they start sharing their vows. Right before they get to the I do they also cut to the next couple for suspense.

In the end, only two of the five couples end up getting married and saying “I do” at the altar.

On March 4th, the reunion of the season two cast came out on Netflix.

In this reunion, we learn that the two married couples are still together today and we learn a lot about why some of the drama happened on the show.

Overall, I think the show was a pretty good social experiment and proved that love can truly be blind.