Adele is back with new album “30”


Adele Performs on stage in 2009

English pop singer/songwriter Adele is back with another new album full of hits titled “30”.

It is Adele’s fourth studio album and possibly one of her most emotional albums yet.

In 2018, media outlets first reported Adele was working on her fourth album and in 2019, it was confirmed by Adele via Instagram.

At a wedding in 2020, Adele announced that the album would be released by September 2020, but this was delayed by the global pandemic.

In January 2021, Adele and her husband, Simon Konecki, divorced. Separation is one of the main themes throughout “30”.

In an interview with Vogue, Adele revealed the main inspirations for her album were her motherhood, scrutiny of fame, and her divorce.

Also saying,”It was more me divorcing myself”, nodding to the emotional turmoil and difficulties leading up to, during, and after her divorce.

The lead single for this album and the second track “Easy On Me” is an emotional response to Adele’s son and his difficulty with the divorce.

This is one of the most emotional tracks.

The beautiful piano ballad paired with Adele’s masterful singing performance perfectly sets the scene for the rest of the album.

The album’s 12 songs span just under an hour and consist of classic Adele ballads and faster tempo pop songs. The album also features some folk-rock, hip-hop, and gospel-inspired sounds, although there’s nothing that sounds unlike Adele’s signature sound.

Senior Nadia Nieuwenhuis liked the emotion and classic sound.

“You can really feel the effect of the divorce in her music,” Nieuwenhuis said, “I really like how it feels like she really came into her sound as an artist. She sounds sort of matured”

In the case of an artist like Adele who we’ve had around for years, you can see how she’s changed and grown as a person and as an artist.

“30” exceedingly shows how Adele has grown since her induction into mainstream music.