Hybrid Hornets host open house


IMAGE / Courtesy of Hybrid Hornets

The Hybrid Hornets won their district event from Thursday, Feb. 28, through Saturday, March 2, at Kettering University.

The Hybrid Hornets robotics team will host an open house for sponsors and community members Wednesday, Oct. 23, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The team encourages students interested in joining the team to come to the open house as well.

Team members will give a business and awards demonstration, showcase the team’s robot from the 2019 season, and display their workshop.

Junior Quaid McArthur hopes the open house attracts hard-working recruits.

“I hope it brings new, determined team members with a willingness to learn and adapt,” McArthur said. “Our goals are to advance the team’s skills in outreach and mechanical engineering.”

Sophomore Jacob Callahan hopes the Hybrid Hornets can attract new sponsors and team members.

“We desperately need these sponsors with the big price our season is,” Callahan said. “Another goal is to gain new members in students and mentors.”

Recruitment isn’t limited to students. The team welcomes parents of students and community members with backgrounds in engineering, design, or business to come to the open house.

“We are always looking for people to help in our long process of building a robot,” Callahan said.

The open house takes place in the Hybrid Hornets workshop at Burgtorf, 4160 Underhill Drive.

Making the Michigan state championship for the past four years, the team will look to continue its winning tradition.

Last season, the team won the Kettering week No. 1 competition — its first ever district event victory.