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The student news site of Kearsley High School in Flint, Michigan

The Eclipse

The student news site of Kearsley High School in Flint, Michigan

The Eclipse

Kearsley High School’s Valentines!


Valentine’s Day originated during the 5th century, but didn’t become a day of romance until the 14th century. For high school students, Valentine’s Day consists of flowers, chocolate, anticipation, and young love.

Sophomore, Lily Weidman, had a valentine this year and she expressed to reporters who he was, “my valentine is Chase Tobias and we met through school. Our last names are usually farther down in the alphabet so teachers sat us next to each other, so we always end up sitting next to each other  and that’s how we became closer.”

Lily Weidman and Chase Tobias.

Weidman then told reporters what she did on Valentine’s Day and what she got her valentine, “I made a basket for him so I gave him his basket and we had a movie night. In his basket I put his favorite things like his favorite drink, I got him a whole thing of Dr.Pepper. He likes Avengers so I got him chocolate that’s Avenger-themed, a shirt, I got him his favorite candy, brownies, more candy, beef sticks, and made it all cute and decorative. We had a movie night and we colored because he got me a coloring book.”

Weidman was then asked about her favorite moment of her date night, “Just quality time, me as a person I enjoy quality time and cherishing every moment, even if it’s like the little things because little things matter.”

Everyone’s Valentine’s Day looks a little different, for instance, senior, Haidynn Bartholomew got to celebrate Valentine’s Day and her boyfriend’s birthday.

Bartholomew mentioned to reporters who her valentine/boyfriend was and how they met, “I am dating senior Ronnie Owens and we have been together for three years. We met when he moved to Kearsley in 8th grade.”

Haidynn Bartholomew and Ronnie Owens. (IMAGE / Sent by Haidynn Bartholomew )

Bartholomew then went on to talk about what she and Ronnie did for Valentine’s Day, “we celebrated Ronnie’s birthday and went out to Saganos on the Saturday after Valentine’s Day. We did this because we wanted to wait until his wrestling season was done so he could truly enjoy his food without being scared of missing weight for wrestling.” 

While some students met their valentine at Kearsley High School, others met theirs outside of school, some even go to other schools.

Molly O’Bryan and Christopher Rodgers, BeReal taken during their movie. (IMAGE / Sent by Molly O’Bryan )

Junior, Molly O’Bryan, talked to reports about her valentine and how they met somewhere outside of the Kearsley community. “My valentine is Christopher Rodgers and he goes to Lapeer High School. We met like three years ago and he’s my best friend,” expressed O’Bryan.

O’Bryan then went on to talk about what her and her valentine did for Valentine’s Day. “The weekend before Valentine’s Day he took me to see the movie Anyone But You, Valentine Edition. We both really enjoyed it because it was fit for both boys and girls because it was a rom-com, but it also had comedy elements for the men,” stated O’Bryan.

Overall students at Kearsley High School celebrated Valentine’s Day in many ways from hanging out with friends to celebrate or going on dates with their valentines.

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