Hybrid Hornets clean up cemetery


IMAGE / Connor Earegood

Members of the Hybrid Hornets robotics team participated in a clean-up at Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly on Saturday, Sept. 28.

The Hybrid Hornets robotics team traveled to Holly on Saturday, Sept. 28, to help clean up Great Lakes National Cemetery.

The team participated not only to give back to the community, but to help the team make stronger bonds.

Team members scrubbed headstones and noted any that were damaged. They also picked up litter.

Mrs. Jean Herta, Hybrid Hornets mentor, encouraged the team to care for nature and the community.

“I think the kids realize that we all end up in that condition and it makes our time here on earth more precious,” Herta said.

Team members participate in the cemetery clean-up annually. The cemetery hosts the event to prepare for Veterans Day.

Herta frequently cleans cemeteries as she feels it will benefit the community.

“I spend a lot of time cleaning cemeteries because it is a good way to help people,” Herta said.

The clean-up was a success and participants were rewarded with a hot dog lunch.

Senior Vincent Zamora enjoyed the time spent out in the cemetery.

“Even though it was raining,” Zamora said, “the experience was enjoyable because it was a way to show the new members of our team how we help the community.”

Herta was glad to see the team come together during the clean-up.

“I love to see the kids helping the community in a way that is near and dear to my heart,” Herta said.