Students should be taught things that will benefit them

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Students should be taught things that will benefit them

Kaylee DeBlouw

Kaylee DeBlouw

Kaylee DeBlouw

Kaylee DeBlouw

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Do you ever wonder how many adults actually use things like monomials or polynomials in their day-to-day lives?

Unless they’re a math teacher or a scientist, the answer is zero.

Students today are being forced to learn useless knowledge that will never come in handy to them in their futures.

The only exception is if they’ll use it in their specific job.

If hardly any students will use a concept, why are all of them required to learn it?

Students should be able to take classes and learn things for the careers they want to pursue.

Students who have already chosen their career paths should not be required to fill their minds with knowledge on subjects that are utterly useless to them.

They should be focusing on things that revolve around what they want to do with the rest of their lives.

Students should also be learning essential skills for life in school — things that they’ll have to do eventually.

For example, how to do their taxes, a thing many adults still don’t know how to do on their own.

If students would have learned this concept in school, while their minds were still growing, it wouldn’t be a problem today.

There are so many more important things people should learn for life than what is taught in school.

Schools should take advantage of students having young minds that are eager for knowledge and teach them things they will need to know as adults.

Building up your credit score and maintaining it should also be taught, as well as how to manage money.

The list goes on and on: how to purchase a home, how to become a registered voter, etc.

By teaching students these things, not only would it solve many of these problems in society, it would also give recently graduated students a better understanding of life before they’re forced out on their own.

Reality will hit fast and young adults will realize there’s so much they were never taught or prepared for, they’ll be forced into it and have to figure out things they have little knowledge about.

The education system is flawed and needs to be updated. Students need to learn things for the real world, things that are more important than identifying if a cloud is cumulus or stratus.

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