Flowers or chocolates?

What’s the better gift to give your valentine?


IMAGE / Mr. Darrick J. Puffer

Hunter Johnson

Many different local stores are in the mood for Valentine’s Day displaying many different types of chocolates and flowers on their shelves. But what is more romantic for a sweetheart on this special day, chocolates or flowers?

Although flowers might be a little out of your price range, a lot of the students I have interviewed think that flowers capture a certain beauty of the love they share between them and their significant other.

Chris Dye, junior, stands strong by the idea of giving flowers to his valentine.

“In my opinion, flowers represent the beauty and the essence of my significant other.” Dye said, “Flowers symbolize the everlasting renewal of love between two people.”

And that is what Valentine’s Day is really about, right?

It is a day when it is traditional to send a meaningful gift, often anonymously to a person to whom you are romantically involved or to whom you are attracted.

Mikayla Stevens, junior, agrees with the idea of giving flowers to a significant other because they last longer.

“They can last up to a week and chocolate lasts for like a day,” Stevens said.

Claire Zuwala, junior, suggested getting anything out of the ordinary when it comes to flowers.

“I don’t really like normal flowers,” Zuwala said.

So what kinds of flowers do girls like?

Some girls told me they enjoyed roses, which are traditional, while other girls said they liked lilacs. A few girls said they liked petunias.

So what do chocolates have that flowers don’t have?

Zack Broughton, junior, is team chocolate for Valentine’s Day this year.

“I think it (chocolate)  is a sign for telling your valentine that she is the sweetest,” Broughton said.

Flowers or Chocolate
IMAGE / Mr. Darrick Puffer / Photos courtesy of pixabay


Chocolate comes from the seeds from Theobroma cacao, also called a cocoa tree. The cocoa tree’s seeds are cocoa beans, which are made into chocolate.

Chocolate has theobromine in it which is an alkaloid, and an alkaloid is believed to bring happiness to the body.

Maybe that’s why chocolate is so satisfying to the human body and why everyone wants a portion of it on Valentine’s Day.

Broughton agrees with everyone wanting a taste of chocolate.

“They tend to ask for chocolate things like boxes of chocolate, chocolate ice cream, chocolate covered strawberries,” Broughton said. “I feel like girls like chocolate more than they like flowers.”

There are many types of chocolates to get, like white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate, which are some of the most common.

Maybe that’s why Brody Shearer, junior, is for team chocolate this year, too.

Shearer said, “Kind of like what Forrest Gump said, with a box of chocolate you never know what you are going to get, kind of like in a relationship.”

Valentine’s Day is about surprises and both flowers and chocolates provide those because they come in all different shapes and sizes.

You never know what is to be expected, and it always means more when it comes from your significant other.

So whether you choose to give chocolates or flowers, you can’t go wrong because they will mean so much to your sweetheart when they come from someone they love.