Alejandra Kash: A star in the dark


“We are not out of anything, medaling, winning, losing, until we give up and throw the very last shot. As a team we are able to do anything and be the team we want to be”. Sophomore,  Alejandra Kash motives her team at bowling states.

Alejandra got into bowling after she shattered her right arm in a playground accident and had to do physical therapy by bowling. She said that it helped with the muscle building of the arm and then after doing it for so long she just learned to love it.

“I had to bowl a lot for the arm to heal and playing with friends and family more I started to see that it was a really enjoyable thing for me, so when I heard about kearsley’s bowling team I wanted to join and I do not regret my decision”. Exclaims Kash.

“State and regional bowling titles are super important to me”, explains Kash. After her saying this we talked about what makes her the type of person she is and what her true drive is for wanting to accomplish these big titles.

“My brother was a very athletic person and he was great at all the sports he did especially hockey, so I wanted to try and have my own sport but also trying to achieve some titles to compete with him for who has the most medals and trophies”. Laughs Kash.

We talked a little about her career future and what she was interested in.

“I have a lot of family that is successful in medical fields and lots of other business type jobs and so I want to be able to still meet up to their standards while doing something on my own, thats why I want to go into the veterinary field. I have always loved animals and I want to be in that medical business so I have already started working my way into it by doing the veterinary GCI program”. Kash states.

School has always been important to Alejandra and she seems to strive a lot harder than most students to achieve her goals. She is a big help in the community and does a lot of fundraisers and band projects for kearlsey.

” I have volunteered at the kearlsey flea market and the band had a stand so I helped in that. I also worked at a kettle corn stand for the bowling team to raise some money”. Says Kash.

“I want to volunteer as much as possible because I want to get the most hours out of everyone in school, I have about 120 hours right now so I’m getting up there but I definitely want some more”. Kash emphasizes.

Kash explains the reason for wanting all of these hours is because of the Chords you can get for the service hours at graduation. She pushes for these honors because of some sibling rivalry between her sister.

“My sister got some of the top scores for SAT’s here at kearsley and she was an excellent student and very smart, its not that I want to beat her per say but I definitely want to live up to her standards of trying your best and having perseverance when it comes to school classes and getting good grades”. Kash exclaims.

All in all Alejandra kash is a big part of this kearsley community and she is an amazing role model for students pursuing academic success in our very own high school.