Why you should read The Sting!


Go read the sting!

As a member of The Eclipse staff at Kearsley High School, I find it’s important to respect others who are in similar positions. 

The Armstrong Middle School paper, The Sting, was created last year by teacher Mrs. Litchfield. 

It’s clear she feels very strongly about her role as the founder of The Sting.

“I started the paper last year when students showed interest in Journalism. When I was a senior in high school, I was also a Hornet (although it was a different school), and I asked my principal if I could start a school newspaper called The Sting. Unfortunately, she turned me down. So, it was my mission to make this happen for my students! Our first edition was posted in September of 2021!” Exclaimed Litchfield.

Like The Eclipse, The Sting is a student-run newspaper full of students who are passionate about updating their classmates on current events. 

Mrs. Litchfield likes to give students a lot of freedom in class to write about whatever they want. 

“If they have an idea and it is possible, we make it happen,” said Litchfield.

Some of their most popular articles are: “Dear Iris” (their advice column), “Random Fact of the Week,” “AMS Declassified Middle School Survival Guide” (tips & tricks to make middle school easier), “I like it, Picasso” (the school’s artwork highlights), and “Hive News” (other miscellaneous Kearsley news).

Mrs. Litchfield also went on to explain what her Journalism students like to write about;

“The most popular topics students like to write about are opinion pieces. They love having their voices and strong opinions heard!” Stated Litchfield. 

Of course, every single article The Sting writes is a masterpiece, but a few do stand out amongst the rest! 

Mrs. Litchfield shared one of her favorite stories from her students.

 “I have a lot of creative writers and let me tell you, their stories are AMAZING. Last semester, I had a student write a story called “The Lost Pages.” It was so suspenseful!” Said Litchfield.

The staff of The Sting have a very bright future ahead of them, they also have some pretty big dreams. 

“I think it’s safe to say that they would eventually love to be involved in the tech-side of things as well as more frequent publications! Right now, we are posting new articles every few weeks. We’d all LOVE to produce enough articles to post every week. Also, speaking for myself, I’d love to PRINT a newspaper once a month! How amazing would that be?” Said Litchfield. 

If you haven’t visited The Sting yet, you should as soon as possible!

Students post inspirational and uplifting stories, free to all! 

Don’t hesitate to visit The Sting here at: https://thestingams.wixsite.com/kearsley