Dancing Into Friday Night Games

K-Motion the KHS dance team dances at the Friday night Varsity basketball games.

The dance team consists of 13 girls who all have a good connection with each other and share the passion for dancing.

Some of the girls have been dancing since they were younger, while others have just picked up the new hobby.

Freshman, Jaidyn Wallace has been dancing since she was 4 and shares her love for dancing.

“I really like to be able to do a different type of dance than I usually do and it expands my dance experience. I also love making friends with all the girls on the dance team. I would say my favorite type of dance is tap, it’s really hard to figure out but once you have it, it’s really fun. Everyone on the team has a special bond and we all work together,” Wallace states.

Sophomore, Molly O’Bryan also loves dancing and expands on what she likes about it.

“My favorite part is dancing at the Friday night basketball games. I like performing in front of everyone. I definitely love hip-hop dances the most. I think the team is special because we have a lot of spirit so we can make it fun. I decided to join the dance team because I just love to dance and it’s my favorite thing to do,” O’Bryan exclaimed.

The girls on K-Motion are excited to dance it up during this basketball season!