Kearsley’s favorite holidays


IMAGE / joey

The holiday season is coming up and it got me wondering: “What are some of our student’s favorite holidays?” So, I decided to ask some students what they thought.

I interviewed freshman Terry Lovaas, who spoke about Thanksgiving. “Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it’s on my birthday,” Lovaas laughed.

Freshmen Ari Pointdexter spoke about Halloween. “My favorite holiday is Halloween because of the candy and costumes,” Pointdexter said.

Sophomore Emma Ross explained to me why Christmas is her favorite holiday. “I like Christmas because it’s the only holiday where I get to see all of my family and I like buying gifts for people,” Ross beamed.

Sophomore Aspen Jamerson enjoys Christmas as well. “I like Christmas because it’s Christmas and there are presents and good food and it’s always fun,” Jamerson explained.

Juniors Alayna Campbell agree that Christmas is the best holiday. “Christmas Is my favorite because of the long school break,” Campbell emphasized.

Junior Katie Steel loves Independence Day.

“My favorite is the Fourth of July because it’s 3 days before my birthday and I like fireworks,” steel exclaimed.

It seems that the most popular holidays are between Christmas and Halloween!