Ray takes on American high school


Foreign Exchange Student-Ray

Ray Lenski, 16, is a foreign exchange student from Germany, but he had always dreamed of visiting an English-speaking country.

Not only because of his love of the English language, but the want of having the same experience as his mother had as a foreign exchange student.

Ray’s main concern about what country he was going to was that it had to be an English-speaking country.

“For me personally England or anything in the UK didn’t feel far enough away,” Ray responded.

After Ray decided he wanted to go to America for his exchange year,  he waited 4 months until he got an email from his host dad. The email consisted of his host dad telling him he would be traveling all the way to Flint, Michigan and going to Kearsley High School. As well as a little about the rest of the family he was going to be staying with.

With the information from the email, Ray got to work and searched where he would be staying, what the area was like, and the school he would be attending.

Now that Ray has been attending Kearsley for about a month, he has realized that school in America compared to school in Germany is very different

“I’d say a big difference is how competitive sports and school are. The overall dynamic is having to be the best and having to win,” Lenski exclaimed.

Now that Ray has settled in a bit, he has found some favorite things that he likes to do. For example, he enjoys football games even though he is not a fan of sports.

“The football games I have been to have been fun because I enjoy being with my friends, meeting new people, and talking about the school days,” Lenski proclaimed.

Overall Ray is enjoying all of his time spent at Kearsley, and he’s excited to make new friends and experience American high school activities and adventures.