Class Day 2022


IMAGE / Kearsley Community Schools

Seniors visiting one of the elementary schools

If you have gone to Kearsley since elementary school, you know all about the annual class day.

If you don’t know what class day is, it’s the day for seniors to visit all of the schools in the Kearsley district one last time before they say their final goodbyes.

Class Day can be a stir of emotions for everyone, from sadness to being over the moon about moving on. I spoke to some of the senior class about what they felt.

Senior Melanie Conely had a great experience.

“I was so nervous at class day. Especially when they called me up for military send off, but it was a great experience all around.”

Senior Jordan Durden had a good time and really enjoyed how it all turned out.

“Class day was amazing. I really liked how they put the videos together on what life was like as a senior and it helped the underclassmen. One other thing I liked about class day was the performances that happened, they were really great and it was a happy time.”

Senior Riley Paris enjoyed it all as well.

“I thought it was a great idea to honor us seniors. I enjoyed watching all my peers perform and enjoy themselves one last time as Kearsley Hornets and as a whole.”

And the final senior I spoke with was Natalie Kern. She felt nostalgic going into the elementary schools.

“It felt so surreal, it was extremely overwhelming, but in the best way ever. I just wanted to be those little kids again playing at recess and hanging out with friends, not having a care in the world. I cried so much when I got home just reminiscing on all the memories, good and bad. School goes by so fast.”

Kern continued by saying:

“You gain family at school whether it be teachers, staff or just friends. It feels like all of that just got ripped away. I feel like that’s when it really hit for me that I’m really going to be done with Kearsley for the rest of my life.”

In conclusion, class day was a success for the class of 2022.