Kearsley students are getting egg-cited for Easter


IMAGE / Gabrielle Ray

Easter is coming up

On April 17, some students at KHS will be celebrating Easter Sunday.

Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

People celebrate Easter with traditions like attending church services, having a family dinner, participating in Easter egg hunts and giving or receiving Easter baskets or gifts.

One of the more notable traditions of Easter are the gifts.

The Easter basket is a fun gift for adults and children alike.

Taylor Thompson will be receiving an Easter basket this year.

Thompson describes how she thinks her Easter basket will be full of money and candy from her parents.

“I think I might get money and candy this year from my parents, I’m hoping I get a pez machine.” Thompson says.

While it is very common for teens to get Easter baskets from their parents some teens give gifts to others too.

Madison Pillen exchanges gifts with her friend yearly.

“Me and my best friend give each other Easter baskets every year, it’s like a tradition.” Pillen says.

While very popular most people don’t celebrate Easter with just gifts and Easter baskets.

Jaeda Ray and her family celebrate Easter with a big dinner and afterwards they do an Easter egg hunt.

“Me and my family usually sit down and have a really big dinner then we go outside for an egg hunt, I really like doing it because I don’t get to spend much time with my family otherwise.” Ray says.

Vicky Burcar also spends a lot of time with their family during this holiday.

“My family always does everything together on Easter. We open presents together, eat dinner together and listen to music together.” Burcar says.

Hopefully this year will be an egg-stra special Easter and it goes over easy for everyone.