Kearsley goes to optional masking


IMAGE / Flickr

Covid-19 masks are now only highly recommended.

Kearsley High School, and other schools in the district, have changed the requirements of masks and they are now strongly recommended, but not required.

For some, this change was in their favor, but for others not so much.

Masks can be a very controversial subject for many. Some believe they work and some say otherwise.

Coming to school the day after the requirement was lifted was interesting due to how many people didn’t wear a mask, compared to people who are deciding to still wear a mask.

Jacob Callahan smiling under his mask. (IMAGE / Mattalin Bailey)

While there is no right or wrong answer, there are many different opinions on wearing masks.

Senior Jacob Callahan has his own reasoning for choosing to wear his mask at school.

“I am choosing to wear my mask because I really don’t want to get quarantined because I would miss robotics,” said Callahan.

The students and staff that still choose to wear their masks all have a reason for wearing it.

Senior Jack Young chooses to wear his mask for a similar reason.

“I choose to wear my mask because the quarantine time and constant tracking won’t be as severe and I won’t have to miss school or get tested,” said Young.

While there is a handful of people who wear their masks, there is an even bigger group of people who chose not to wear their masks.

Lydia Boggs smiling mask free. (IMAGE / Mattalin Bailey)

Senior Lydia Boggs enjoys the comfort of not having to wear her mask.

“I don’t wear my mask because they are annoying and feel itchy on my face, I also am pretty healthy and don’t feel like I need to wear one,” said Boggs.

Senior Abigail Rangel doesn’t wear her mask because she misses the original high school feeling.

“I think we have missed so much in our high school times and not wearing masks feels much more like normal and its a good feeling to see kids smiling and their facial reactions without a mask,” said Rangel.

Even though the school is mask free, it is still highly recommended that people wear them. So students have the options to choose whether or not they feel the need to wear one.