Kearsley teacher’s first jobs


IMAGE / WikiMedia Commons

Most people get their first jobs in high school, here are Kearsley teachers first jobs.

Most kids start their first job in high school to get some money to spend or save.

Often these first jobs are minimum wage jobs in fast food or retail.

These jobs help kids set up on their next steps in life.

Not only do kids who get a job in high school learn a lot, they also get some work experience that they can put on their resumes for future jobs.

These minimum wage jobs are often a good way for teens to learn a lot of valuable lessons like how taxes work and much more, along with making some money.

Mr. Paul Adas got his first job at a gas station as a gas station attendant.

“I learned that it isn’t easy having a minimum wage job and I only made around $3.35 a hour.” Adas said.

Mrs. Marti VanOverbeke’s first job was at the NCG Trillium in Grand Blanc.

“I learned a lot about how people acted and reacted including customers and the coworkers. I worked at NCG Trillium for around 5 years.”  VanOverbeke said.

Today NCG Trillium is one of the closest movie theaters to the Kearsley Community and is a very popular spot.

Ms. Lindsay Pittenger’s first job was a soccer referee.

“I learned a lot about how to have patience with other people including the players and the spectators. I was a soccer referee for nearly 8 years.” Pittenger said.

Minimum wage jobs in high school show that you can multitask as well as manage your time very well.

Although our first jobs may not be the best and most ideal jobs for the future they are a start at making money,  learning valuable lessons, and building your resume.