January is national soup month


IMAGE / Wikimedia Commons

A nice warm pot of soup on the stove

January is national soup month and who doesn’t love soup?

Soup is internationally loved, from thick to thin, from sweet to salty, and from cold to warm.

January is the perfect month to bundle up inside and enjoy your favorite soup, whether it’s clam chowder or miso.

There are millions of different soups, so how can you pick? Here at Kearsley High School, the students all had a different answer to the question, “What’s your favorite kind of soup?”

Sophomore Celestina Ascencio loves chicken noodle soup, when asked why, she replied simply.

“(I love chicken noodle soup) because my Grandma always makes it good,” said Ascencio.

Senior Zoe Proctor has a deep passion for a classic bowl of cheddar broccoli.

“The combination of the cheese and the broccoli make a concoction in your mouth that’s delicious. It makes you want to wake up the next day and have another bowl in the morning.” said Proctor.

As an oddball in this study, sophomore Sophie Hall adores pho.

“(I love pho) because it’s good, it makes me feel special, it makes me feel like a better person.” said Hall.

Freshmen Haedyn Scott is a tomato soup lover.

Tomato soup resides in the heart of another student, sophomore Morgan Legue.

“I like to have grilled cheese with it, it’s the perfect combo,” said Legue.

Junior Brittney Siegrist claims sometimes cheese and broccoli is her favorite although adding sometimes chicken noodle.

Seniors Jesse Spencer and Simon Power both love potato soup.

“(I love potato) because I like to put a lot of crackers in it, it’s so good,” said Spencer.

Power agrees with this sentiment.

“I like to put crackers in it too.” said Power.

Sophomore Lexus Leonard also loves chicken noodle soup.

“It’s like a comfort food,” said Leonard “and it can go with anything.”

Although several of the Kearsley High School students’ favorite soups are the same or similar, the reasons all vary.

Soup’s warm and welcoming attributes give it the ability to burrow its way into our hearts, many find it easy to fall in love with a certain soup because its what you’ve always loved and grown up with.

The simplicity of a classic tomato soup contrasted with a complex Vietnamese pho makes it almost hard to compare or pick a favorite soup.

Whether you love a big bowl of Ukrainian borscht or your Grandma’s chicken noodle, soup month is for everyone. don’t forget to enjoy lots of soup with your friends and family before national soup month is over.