Boys soccer falls to Clio in District finals


IMAGE / Wikimedia Commons

Boys soccer battles it out with Clio during Districts on Wednesday, Oct. 20.

On Wednesday, Oct. 21, the Hornets took on the Clio Raiders in the Flint Metro League District finals for soccer on Clio’s home turf.

After winning their first two games against North Branch, 3-2, and Carman-Ainsworth, 4-2, the Hornets were filled with excitement to finally have the chance to battle it out at Districts.

This is the first time in 20 years that the Hornets have made it to District finals.

The Hornets walked into the match, ready to give it their all.

Unfortunately, the Hornets lost 4-0 in a hard fought match.

Although the Hornets didn’t manage to secure a District win, they still enjoyed their season.

Senior Cy Cooper felt satisfied with the Hornets season, cherishing the fun moments.

“It was so much fun.” said Cooper. “I wouldn’t ask for any other team to play with.”

The Hornets will continue to play during their off-season, participating in a travel team with the rest of their team.