Students vote for homecoming court


IMAGE / Jonathen Hart

Voting for homecoming court begins Wednesday, Sept.14.

As Homecoming quickly approaches, preparations occupy the minds of many students and staff members. One of these preparations is the annual vote for homecoming court.

Two girls from each class will represent their peers during homecoming.

Voting will take place Wednesday, Sept. 25, during students’ English classes.

Some students have started to campaign for homecoming court, creating posters, mementos, and social media posts to persuade their peers to vote for them.

Sophomore Aubree Bruff-Marsh campaigned for homecoming court in early September. She has created both posters and Popsicle-stick flags to pass out to her peers.

Bruff-Marsh believes homecoming court will allow for her to show her true colors to her class.

“A lot of people know me as mean and bossy, so I want them to know that I am not that person,” Bruff-Marsh said. “I want them to know the real me.”

While many students want to be part of homecoming court, others feel that it’s overrated.

Senior Autumn Sears believes that homecoming court isn’t a big deal.

“It’s not royalty and it’s not going to affect you at all in life after high school,” Sears said. “It’s all about popularity.”