Eclipse staff join in on Quarantine Challenge


IMAGE / Elizabeth Taylor

The Eclipse starts off it’s photo challenge with staff pictures.

The Eclipse staff has been working hard to publish stories during this unprecedented time.

But when we’re not writing stories, we’re spending our time in quarantine in many different ways.

We wanted to kick off the photo submissions contest with our own quarantine stories.

Send yours to [email protected] or post them on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag “KearsleyOnQuarantine.”

IMAGE / Courtesy of Jonathen Hart
Sophomore Jonathen Hart, sports editor, has been spending his time making TikTok s. This photo comes from a video showing before and after he cut his hair at home.
IMAGE / Courtesy of Molly Gunn
Sophomore Molly Gunn, student life editor, has been spending time with her dog, Alice.
IMAGE / Courtesy of Elizabeth Taylor
Senior Elizabeth Taylor, managing editor, has spent time riding her horse, Bud.
IMAGE / Courtesy of Connor Earegood
Senior Connor Earegood, editor in chief, made an air car for physics class.
IMAGE / Courtesy of Sydney Horne                                                               Senior Sydney Horne, reporter, has spent her time working at McDonalds.