Stay active during quarantine with these five activities


IMAGE / Wikimedia Commons

Golfing is one of many good ways to stay active during quarantine.

While Michigan is under a stay-at-home order until Thursday, May 28, it can be hard to find ways to be active while practicing social distancing.

But plenty of options can help you stay moving.

Mr. Kaleb Forr, fitness teacher, sees the importance of students staying in shape.

“It’s important for our students and student-athletes to push themselves every day,” Forr said, “compete with themselves each day to push harder with more repetitions or sets during the body weight workouts.”

Here are five ways you can stay active during quarantine:

Walking and Hiking

Walking is a great way to stay fit.

You can go with a family member, a dog, or even alone.

Walking allows you to easily control your distance between others.

Walking and hiking allow you to go anywhere. You can walk around your neighborhood, a park, or even your own backyard.

Walking is also a good way to stay active. On average a person burns 100 calories per each mile walked.

Riding a bike

Riding a bike can be a fun way to exercise your calf muscles.

Like walking, biking is versatile and you can do it almost anywhere.

An average person burns 298 calories per 30 minutes of  riding a bike at a pace of 12 mph.

At-home exercise routines

Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and many other social media outlets are full of people sharing their at-home workout routines.

Many of which require limited exercise equipment, such as a chair. These routines can help you stay fit and create new habits to continue after quarantine.

“YouTube has great workout videos to do at home,” Forr said. “My favorite fitness channel that I follow is FitnessBlender.”

Canoeing or Kayaking

Ready to hit the water?

Canoeing and kayaking can allow you to exercise, chat with friends, and enjoy scenery all while practicing social distancing, as each person is in their own kayak or canoe.

In 30 minutes, the average person burns 102 calories canoeing and 205 calories kayaking.


Golfing can be extremely rewarding.

Per Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s order, Michigan residents are not allowed to use golf carts on the courses but they are allowed to walk the course.

Golfing allows you to get some fresh air, exercise, and play a game all at the same time.

With playing only nine holes and carrying their clubs, the average person burns about 500 calories.