Students experience mock interviews to prepare for work


IMAGE / Stephanie Lane

Junior Felicia Cunnigham meets with one of many mock interview conductors during her economics class on May 3.

For many teens, and even adults, the thought of an interview can be dreadful.

Thanks to Mrs. Colleen Grathoff, career development facilitator, Mr. Mike Whalen, economics teacher, and Mr. Andy Nester, political science teacher, students in economics and political science classes experienced a mock interview to better prepare them for the real world.

Students met with many professionals working in different career fields, including Hurley Medical Center, Advanced Physical Therapy Center, DCC Construction, and MEEMIC Insurance Agency, to name a few.

Students in Whalen’s economics classes participated in the interviews May 3 while Nester’s political science classes had interviews Thursday, May 16.

“These are held to give students a real life experience in interviewing,” Grathoff said.  “All of us have to interview for jobs in our life, and the more you experience you have interviewing, the better your outcome will be.”

Junior Shelby Pake, who participated in the interviews during economics, was nervous, although the experience taught her how to better prepare.

“I was pretty nervous,” Pake said. “But I learned that I need to not be so nervous, and go with the flow, and always prepare yourself before you go.”