Tornado warning interrupts, cancels FLVN


IMAGE / Connor Earegood

Students and parents take cover in the hallways surrounding the auditorium Thursday, March 14, as a tornado warning interrupted Foreign Language Variety Night.

Singing and dancing filled the KHS auditorium — until the sirens went off.

On Thursday, March 3, foreign language students were performing for Foreign Language Variety Night until they were interrupted by a severe-weather alert.

Around 7 p.m. — an hour into the performance — Principal Brian Wiskur had a parent approach him with an ABC12 alert on their phone about a tornado that had touched down nearby.

Shortly after that, the National Weather Service reported a tornado warning in Genesee County, which led Wiskur to move everyone out of the auditorium to take cover in the surrounding hallways.

“It’s just something you have to prepare for,” Wiskur said. “It was scary, but I think everyone fit really well. Everyone was really quiet, and I think that me walking around really helped the parents especially. I think everyone was just great.”

Although many groups did not get to perform, the groups that did were well-received.

IMAGE / Elizabeth Taylor
Freshmen Delaney White (l to r), Olivia Chartrand, Lydia Boggs, Lexi Ragatz, and senior Luisa Schloffel perform on Thursday, March 13, for FLVN.

Freshman Delaney White was in one of the groups that was able to perform before the storm.

“I think we did OK, but we really needed to be louder,” White said. “There was a lot of chaos when everything happened with the weather. Many parents were trying to find their children, but Wiskur was trying to keep it as organized as he could.”

As for completing FLVN, it is still up for discussion among the foreign language teachers.